Wednesday 7 July 2010


The Week That Was.

We took D's mom (who was in town visiting from Sackville) to the zoo. Despite the whole animals in cages thing, and the hours of public transit thing, it was nice to see the polar bears. You see, I had a thing for polar bears when I was young . . .

Otherwise, last week was all about food and drink. Poutine at Utopia, cold sodas, backyard BBQs, snack bar hot dogs, watermelon lemonade (with basil!), picnic table beers, and (highly flammable) peanuts. All totally effective summer mood enhancers.

And I'd hate to make you think everything was sunshine and rainbows and watermelon lemonade around here - the heat wave has certainly tested my sunny disposition, ha.

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Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

I love the quality of these photos! Nice. Warm, worn.

And it's weird to see a white bear in a meadow like that.