Wednesday 21 April 2010


Photos from The Spring Trunk show taken by Karyn at The Workroom.
I forgot my camera at home, so I'm glad to see someone documented the event!
Take a peek at the whole day

The Workroom is a really cool space! I have a sewing machine that's been sitting ontop of a cabinet for the past five years going completely unused. Unless dust landing zone or space eating are considered uses. Maybe I should look into taking their sewing machine essentials class.

It was a great day and I got the opportunity to meet/hang out with some truly A+ people (awesome hangs!).
Thanks so much to everyone who picked up cards or prints!


Amanda said...

Thanks for posting this! I also have a sewing machine that has been for display purposes only for the last few years. I need to get on it!


Maybe we should take the class together sometime, ha!

Amanda said...

We should take the class and then have sewing duels or "sew-downs." Bahaha!