Friday 19 March 2010


I recently purchased this sweet and simple print from Hello Jenuine. There's no place like home indeed! The package included a wonderful, limited edition zine called Climbing Out Of A Canyon. Each zine features a unique piece of advice. My advice? Make a list of ten things that make you happy. Hmm...

10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now (In No Particular Order)
1. Spring - the ultimate mood enhancer.
2. My partners in crime - D and Oreo.
3. The approaching baseball season.
4. Loitering w/ my favourite lady.
5. Surprise visits.
6. Finishing a record w/ the best dudes.
7. Daydreaming about summertime adventures.
8. Eating lunch outside/going jacketless.
9. Garden planning.
10. Paint under my fingernails.

1 comment:

Jen Collins said...

so happy to know that you liked your package & took heed of the advice! thanks again for buying!