Wednesday 14 May 2008

A Pretty Plastic Piece Of Crap!

If I was rich (or more well off rather) I would love to buy this beautful seafoam green Diana camera (they sell it at Urban Outfitters). I realize how horribly trendy buying nostalgia items from Urban Outfitters is, but since I'm not rich I don't have to worry about actually making the purchase, ha. A while ago D and I were poking around at some pawn shops downtown and I (a person who knows very little about cameras) asked a guy if he had any Lomo cameras. He responded with an exasperated "Lomo is a Russian piece of crap! And I'm Russian! It's worthless! If you want to buy a piece of crap go on the Ebay!" Then he told me a few people looking like me had recently asked him for this type of camera. This man effectivley reduceded me to the cliche demographic I truly am. He was amazing.
This past week has been spent sick (again, really!) so there has been very little art making and too much tea drinking. I feel the cloud of illness dissapearing as we speak though, which will mean good things for fun projects once again.


(S)wine said...

damn, this is what happens to the Ruskies if you let them run loose in a western city. they soak up the high-brow contempt of the urban swine and spit it back at you.

got here via Neonheresy. like your site.

Anonymous said...

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