Friday 11 April 2008


Photo: Colour Is The Keyboard Opening reception

Did you (or everyone you know) come down the mysterious and sneaky DEATH FLU? I spent the last full week in bed after a busy week (a few music shows and the CITK opening) recovering from the harsh clutches of this spring illness. Rating: F. Do not see in theaters.

The opening reception of Colour Is The Keyboard was great. I felt a little shy about taking pictures, so I only snapped a couple blurry crowd shots. The whole show was quality, and the set by DD/MM/YYY totally blew me away. Rachel Verbin did an awesome job putting things together. Check out her photography.

As someone who tends to write a lot of lists and little snippets into various notebooks, I really liked this artwork by Luke Correia. The top label reads "Take One I've Had These Conversations Already."

Here's a picture of D checking out our prints (4 of 5). He's really thinking about them, y'know? Haha.

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