Friday 5 October 2012


Time talk! My band just released a new 4 song EP called Hunter. It's a pay-what-you-can download on our bandcamp site, which means that you can just enter 0 and get it for FREE, or stream it from the site directly. Free is the best price. We hope you download it!

I'm really happy with this little guy. It's exactly the small collection of songs we were aiming to make - less panicked (ok still kinda panicked), and more focused and moody. While I spend the least amount of my free time making music these days, releasing new music will always be my very favourite (and most intimate) thing to do.

So, thanks so much to our pals who've already downloaded this thing - it really does encourage us to keep writing songs, even if we do take our sweet time doing it. Yes!

Exclaim! post.
Magical Thinking video. 
Fine Lines video.


Dennis said...

<3 !!

Suzanna said...

Your style is so fresh! Love it.