Tuesday 29 March 2011


Been enjoying a quiet night at home and the celebration issue of Remedy. Anne Zimmerman's story is making me want to attempt the churros con chocolate recipe, but there's no way I'm attempting that kind of culinary feat right now (add it to the ever expanding kitchen experiments of the future list). Remedy is a sweet little publication. A year in the making, Remedy Quarterly started as an idea amongst friends. That home remedies, and by association home cooking and recipes, are as comforting to share and read about as they are to actually consume. My sudden interest in a dessert I've never had before is a testament to the truth of that statement.


Candice said...

this i like

Amanda said...

meeeee toooo!

thanks for sharing :)

shayna said...

recipes through anecdotes are always aces! the tote bag on their site is really cute and appeals to my love of fonts/typography, tooooo.